Adjusting white underbase

Underbase Adjustment


Using the View selection you can monitor how your adjustments to the Underbase will affect your printing results by selecting the Underbase and TrueView option (Figure 7.5-8). The Underbase and TrueView images should now be visible in the preview screen. There are five ways to adjust your white: Underbase, Color Contrast, Opacity Contrast, Choke, Individual Color Adjustments and Pure White. Note that some of the functions are disabled when Content Based is not checked.

Color Contrast will affect the amount of white used in the image and can be adjusted with the Color Contrast slider bar. Moving the Brightness slider bar all the way to the right to 100 with give you a more solid white ink Underbase and in turn brighter colors (Figure 7.5-8). Moving the slider bar left towards - 100 will create more of a grey scale white Underbase and less vivid colors (Figure 7.5-9).

Figure 7.5-8: Color Contrast Slider Up


Figure 7.5-9: Color Contrast Slider Down