Ri 3000/Ri 6000 printing procedure

Prepare the print file Using your image editing software and send it to the printer through your RICOH Ri 3000 or Ri 6000 AnaRIP program.

The actual printer operation is a quite simple and straightforward process. However for those who are not familiar with at least one graphics application, it may be challenging to use a graphics program at the beginning. We recommend that the operator be somewhat familiar with at least one graphics application program by taking the AnaJet University seminar course. Of the more popular graphics programs, Photoshop Elements may be a simpler and lower cost program which one can learn to use with very little study. This program however is limited in its ability to do design work, but its simplicity allows a quick start for those who are new to graphics programs.

  1. Load the garment on the Print Table, and spread it flat. If the garment is not flat, the printers Obstruction Sensor laser will detect it and will stop printing until the obstruction or wrinkles are removed.
  2. Place the Hoop over the garment to secure the garment if desired. For most garments, the use of a Hoop is recommended.
  3. Use the AnaRIP software to position, size and adjust your image file and send the print job from the computer to the printer. You may also save your ripped file to a USB Drive install it into the printer. If you save the ripped file, insert the storage media it was saved on into the printer. Select your image from LOAD FROM USB FRONT or USB BACK on the Ri 3000 or Ri 6000 Control Panel. Images that have been saved to the Control Panel can also be printed from the SELECT FROM INTERNAL STORAGE function.
  4. When the blue Print Ready LED lights up behind, the printer has received a sufficient amount of data to start printing.Press the button.The Print Table will move to the Home Position. When the Print Table reaches the Home Position,the Print Start Position,the printing will start.Upon completion, the Print Table will move to the Load Position and the printer will beep.
  5. Remove the [Hoop and] garment from the Print Table, be careful not to touch the printed area or let the garment fold. The printed area is still wet with ink.
  6. Cure the ink onto the garment, using a heat press or textile oven.