Cleaning the maintenance station

From the Maintenance menu select the Motion tab and press Release Print Carriage. This will lower the Maintenance Station and move the Print Head Carriage to the far right of the printer. Using Cleaning Applicators, gently clean around the Maintenance Station. It is important to clean the edges of the Maintenance Station Capping Rings which couple with the Print Head Nozzle Plates to form an airtight seal during idle time. DO NOT be over aggressive in trying to remove ink from the gaskets. The station will seal okay with some ink on the rings. Applying too much force may result in damage to the rings. Remove as much of the accumulated ink residue as possible. The cleaning Applicator can be dipped in AnaJet Cleaning Solution (AnaJet P/N CF-FT125) if there are stubborn dried ink deposits in the area. To avoid contamination, never dip soiled Cleaning Applicators in the Cleaning Solution bottle. Do not use any sharp objects or solvent based cleaners like alcohol to remove dried ink deposits around the Capping Rings as this could damage them or dry them out and cause them to crack.