Cleaning Print Head Nozzle Plate

The Print Head Nozzle Plate is located below the Print Head Carriage. Center the Carriage on the carriage rail and using a small mirror to see your progress gently clean the Nozzle Plate between the Print Head edges with a new Urethane Cleaning Applicator or Lint Free wipes.

Do not use any solvent based cleaners or isopropyl alcohol as they may damage the protective coating on the print head, instead you may use AnaJet Cleaning Solution (AnaJet P/N CF- FT125).

Remove any ink residue accumulated on the Nozzle Plate. When the Print Head Plate is clean you should see the bare metal of the plate.

Use care when cleaning the Nozzle Plate so as not to scratch or touch the Print Heads. If dented or scratched, the Print Heads become unusable.

Print heads should only be cleaned with Urethane Cleaning Applicator and AnaJet Cleaning Solution.

To clean the print heads, gently wipe the nozzle with light pressure