Cleaning the waste ink tank

It is a good practice to clean the Waste Ink Tank every 6 months and replace it once a year. The white waste ink pigment will settle at the bottom of the tank, and reduce the Waste Ink Tanks capacity. To replace or clean the Waste Ink Tank, follow the procedure below:

Drain the Waste Ink Tank, then lift the Waste Ink Tank up and out of the printer. The tank is secured with Velcro to the floor of the printer, so a bit of force will be needed to separate the Velcro.
Locate the Waste Ink Sensor (located in the side of the tank) and follow its signal cable up until you find the black sensor connector. Disconnect the sensor connector.
Locate the Waste Ink Tank ink tube cap (located at the top of the tank).Unscrew it from the tank and remove it from the waste ink tank along with the tube from the Maintenance Station
Locate the drain tube (located on the bottom side of the tank). Release the drain tube from the tank by pulling the tube. The Waste Ink Tank should now be completely disconnected from the printer.
Rinse out the tank with warm water. The settled white ink should rinse completely out.
Once the Waste Ink Tank has been thoroughly rinsed, replace it into the printer.
Reconnect the drain tube to the bottom side of the tank.
Reconnect the Waste Ink Tank ink tube cap and tighten down.
Reconnect the Waste Ink Tank sensor connector.
Seat the Waste Ink Tank into the space at the back of the printer.