ColorGATE Registration & Installation

Get Started With ColorGATE Productionserver RIP Software! This RIP software is included for free with your RICOH DTG printer and can be used to convert digital images to printable files.

Learn how to register your software and download your license and MIM package, which contains the output profiles for your printer.

Register Using a Barcode Sticker

If you received a barcode sticker with your printer, locate your license number and refer to the video below for registration instructions.

Your logistics (license) number is located on the barcode sticker that came with your printer.


Download your MIM Package

RICOH Ri 1000

RICOH Ri 1000X

RICOH Ri 2000

RICOH Ri 4000

Useful Links

ColorGATE Installation Guide/User Manual for RICOH Ri 1000

Color GATE Installation Guide/User Manual for RICOH Ri 2000

Downloads, updates, and more: ColorGATE Service & Support

Get Started

1. Register as a user and register your product on the ColorGATE Service & Support website. See the video above and the Installation/User Guide for details.

2. You will need to install the Productionserver ColorGATE RIP software on your PC. If you received a sticker with your machine, please refer to your license number and the installation instructions.

3. You also will need to install the MIM package so that you have the right color profiles to use with your machine. Download the correct one for your printer above.