Printing Ideas

Promotional Products

The versatility of AnaJet printers enables promotional product distributors to print logos and personalized impressions on promotional giveaway items. With AnaJet digital apparel printers, you can print on high-demand, high margin items like jackets, canvas shoes, tote bags, polo shirts, golf towels, beach towels, mouse pads, leggings, children's clothes, pet clothing, socks, hoodies, beer koozies and more. If its flat and made of cotton, cotton blends, light polyester, nylon, rayon or spandex, you can likely print on it. Weve even seen fantastic prints on wood and glass!


Custom printed socks are incredibly popular among sports teams, youth clubs, and students. Printing on a sock is just like printing on any other garment, except because the sock is so much smaller than the print table, it can take time to tape down each individual sock in preparation for printing.

An AnaJet customer, Hayley Mullin, founded SockPrints. Hayley crafted a custom form that fits multiple socks at a time so she could print on socks quickly and efficiently. Hayley owns an mPower and sells custom printed socks to soccer teams, softball teams, Girl Scout troops and similar organizations.

3D Effects

AnaJet printers can print images that come alive when viewed through 3D glasses. Its as simple as designing your graphic according to the training you receive from AnaJet. The printing process is exactly the same printing any other image. Your image will look like normal when viewed with the naked eye, but will really pop with 3D effects when viewed through standard 3D glasses.

Youth, Sleeve, and Hat Platens

Print long sleeves, smaller sized youth garments and hats more efficiently.

The youth print table and sleeve print table are interchangeable with the standard print table that comes with all mPower printers, so you can easily switch between tables.

The hat platen is a neccessory that makes printing on trucker hats a breeze. It is specifically designed to contour the shape of a hat into a printable flat surface.