FAQs - Sprint

Q) My Printer does not turn on.

A) Make sure the printer is plugged in. Turn the power switch on the back of the printer to "on." Then press the power button on the control panel. If the printer will not even power on basic functions, consult the troubleshooting support post.

Q) My printer does not connect to the PC Properly.

A) Perform a printer port test in EKPrint Studio (see User Manual, page 37). If there is no communication proceed to the following:

Make sure the AnaJet printer is selected as the default printer in Windows
Make sure the proper USB port is selected (see User Manual, page 71)
Make sure your USB cable is under 8 ft in length
Make sure your cable is directly connected to the computer without passing through any device such as a hub

Go to control panel and select printer and faxes. Make sure your AnaJet is listed as "Ready". If Offline is indicated, right click the AnaJet printer icon and select "Use online". Try reinstalling the AnaJetprinter driver program. To do this you must first uninstall the printer driver from the Printers and Faxes utility in the control panel. Right click the AnaJetprinter icon and select delete.

Q) My printer freezes at "initialization" during start-up.

A) There is a job in the Windows print queue that is causing the printer to freeze at initialization. Turn off your printer and clear your print queue window. Once clear of jobs, restart your printer. If the printer continues to freeze after you have cleared the queue, remove your USB cable and restart your printer. After the printer has initialized and says "Printer ready/send job" return the USB cable to the printer.

Q) I see horizontal lines/banding in my print.

A) Banding is caused by clogged nozzles that are not properly firing. Perform a nozzle check to determine which channel(s) are giving the issue. Perform a head-clean as necessary to regain nozzle flow. If head-cleans do not improve the nozzle check, remove the ink cartridge to make sure it is not out of ink. Lastly make sure your wiper blade is clean in the maintenance station.

Q) The printer's nozzles are getting clogged too often.

A) Check the environmental conditions. Relative humidity should be above 40%. The temperature should be between 61F (16C) -90F (32C). Check the manufacturing date of your ink. Do not use white ink that is more than 6 months old. Do not use CMYK ink that is more that 1 year old.

Q) Nozzle Checks are getting worse rather than better after repeated Head Cleans?

A) Your printer is developing foam in the print head. This can occur after doing repeated head cleans without time or printing between. If you have developed foam, let the foam settle before performing more head cleans. Review "The printer's nozzles are getting clogged too often".

Q) The printed color is different from the monitor screen.

A) Since monitors and printers produce colors by different methods, the printed colors will not always match the on screen colors exactly. Make sure your image is set to RGB color mode and that a compatible ICC profile is being used.

Q) There are incorrect or missing colors.

A) Check to see if one or more of your bulk ink cartridges is empty. Replace them if necessary. Check to make sure all bulk cartridges are installed correctly with the right color in the right bay. Adjust the color settings in your graphics program or RIP.

Q) My print is fuzzy.

A) Fuzzy prints are usually the result of the table being too low. Raise your table height using the gauge block.

Q) How much should I pretreat?

A) This can vary depending on the fabrics being used. If not enough pretreatment is being used, the white underbase will soak in the shirt. Remember that you will want to dilute the pretreatment, usually half water half pretreatment solution.

Q) Why does the pretreatment sometimes stain?

A) On lighter garments the pretreatment can appear as a wet stain that does not go away. To solve this, soften the edge of the pretreated area. The staining will only be apparent when there is a distinct edge between pretreated and non pretreated areas. If using a sprayer you may want to pull the sprayer farther away from the shirts when coming to the edge.

Q) My printer is beeping and displays "Critical Error: Unplug and Retry"

A) Your need to perform a Waste Ink Pad Counter Reset. To do this, you need to download the Adjust program. Once downloaded, open the folder and double click the icon called "ASPR_1800Ver10.exe". This is circular icon with rainbow colors. Select "particular adjustment mode" then highlight auto- selection and click OK. Scroll down to the maintenance section and select "waste ink pad counter." Select "initialization". A progress bar will display. Once done, select finish and close the adjust program. Turn off your printer in the back. Power on again. The error will now be reset.

Q) When printing my ink smears or bleeds.

A) Your ink level is set too high. Reduce your ink level. If you are printing your white base layer, you may need to wait a few seconds prior to sending your garment in for the color layer. All images are different and there is no single setting that can encompass all of them. As a general starting point, try a heavy 2. If more saturation is needed, try medium 3. Check to see if you garment is stain resistant, AnaBright ink is not compatible with most stain resistant treatments.

Q) EK Print studio has a message saying my 30 trial has expired. What do I do?

A) When you first install EK Print studio, you are automatically given a fully functional 30 day trail. After this 30 day trail, you must activate the program to continue to use it.

Follow the next four steps for PCs connected to the internet.
1. After installing the EKPrint Studio software and the compatible printer driver, Start the EKPrint Studio program, click on OK button to skip the license reminder. Then click on the dialog menu Help->Product Activation.
2. Click on the OK button; fill in the information in the License Request dialog. Note: The product serial number is printed on the back cover of the installation CD.
3. Click the Request button.
4. After the licensing process finished, exit EKPrint Studio program and restart EKPrint Studio.

Follow the next 4 steps for PCs not connected to the internet
1. After install EKPrint Studio software and the compatible printer driver, Start the EKPrint Studio program, click on Help->MAC address to get the MAC address of the PC. On a separate computer go to https://www.eukondigital.com or send email to license@eukondigital.com to file a license request with following information.

a. Name
b. Company Name
c. EKPrint Studio Serial Number (On the back cover of the EKPrint Studio installation CD)
d. Phone Number
e. Email (Your email address, the license file will be emailed to this address)
f. Network card Information (The MAC address information you have collected in step 1. above)

A license file (license.txt) will be generated and emailed back to you. 2. After receiving the license file, Start the EKPrint Studio program, click on Help->Product Activation. Select Install license file. Browse to the license.txt file you have received and click on the OK button. 3. Restart the EKPrint Studio program

Q) What is latest version of the RIP and driver?

A) The latest version of the driver 3.2; The latest version of EKPrint Studio is 2.0. These programs are available for download.

Q) Are there larger cartridges?

A) Yes, there are XL cartridges found here.

Q) What maintenance do I need to be doing?

A) Please view our maintenance video here, in addition please read the maintenance section of your AnaJet manual.

Q) How do I save money on my ink costs?

1. Limit the size of your print. Reducing the scale of a print by 10% will reduce the ink used by 19%. Reducing the scale of an image by 50% will reduce the ink used by 75%.
2. Use the "content based" check box on dark garment prints. This will put less white ink down in areas that it is not needed (darker areas)
3. Use the minimum level of white ink that is commercially acceptable. The more white ink under a print, the more vibrant the colors on top will be; however the level of white should not be maximized with every print. Acceptable prints can be had using less white ink.
4. Add transparencies to your images. You can create very large prints that are mostly empty space. This will help to reduce your ink usage.

Q) What are the correct heat press settings?

A) 330 F (165C) for 90 seconds for any garment with white ink. Note that standard CMYK prints can be cured at this same setting. You can use the alternate setting of 356 F (180C) for 35 seconds if printing with only CMYK ink.

Q) What are the washing instructions for items printed on AnaJet?

A) We recommend that garments be washed inside out, especially for the first washing of pretreated garments. Of course if items are washed on the gentle cycle, and line dried they will last even longer.

Q) How do I get more help?

A) International customers should contact their distributor. USA customers can call Technical Support at 877-646-0999, Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm PST, excluding holidays.

Q) What should I do if my printer is alarming that my waste ink tank is full?

Click here and follow this step by step pdf guide to drain your waste ink tank.

Please contact our customer care team if you have any questions about your printer, or to request technical support.