AnaRIP supported file types

You will now need to have a graphic that is ready to be place into the AnaRIP software. You should design your images at the full size that they will be printed with a resolution between 100-300 DPI and a canvas size of 14x18 or smaller.

The AnaRIP software has a limited number of possible file types you can use. They are JPG, TIFF, and PNG. We recommend that you prepare your images as TIFF or PNG file types.

The TIFF and PNG formats both support transparencies generally required for dark shirt printing and use lossless compression that will keep your file high quality.

It is also good practice to avoid saving images as JPG. These are compressed file formats originally design for internet use only that lose quality every time they are re-saved.

If you are using the native Adobe file formats of AI or PSD you must flatten all of the layers of your image and save this version for printing your complete image.