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mPower 5i or 10i Fill Ink Menu

Watch the video above if you are filling ink on an mPower printer and using the Control Panel with toggle-style buttons. The AnaJet mPower printers utilize a fully circulating ink delivery system for the White Ink Channels that uses 2 sets of tubing. The first set is called the Print side and the second set the Purge side.

Press the <MENU> button, then scroll down to Maintenance Functions and press the <ENTER> key. Highlight Startup Fill and press the <ENTER> key. Select Fill Purge Lines and press <ENTER>.

Be sure that both White 1 Line and White 2 Line are ON and then select Fill for 60 seconds and press <ENTER>. When completed select Fill for 60 seconds and press <ENTER> to run this fill for a second time. Verify the purge lines have been cleared of Cleaning Solution.Select Exit and press <ENTER> this will take you back to the Startup Fill menu.

Select Fill Print Lines and press <ENTER>. Select Fill for 30 seconds and press <ENTER>. When completed, select Fill for 30 seconds one more time to be sure the cleaning solution has cleared the print lines.Verify the purge lines have been cleared of Cleaning Solution. If not cleared, repeat the fill and purge process.


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