Flushing the maintenance station on mPower

When flushing the maintenance station we will need to activate the maintenance station pump while the carriage is released. To turn on the pump we will be using the AdvancedMenu.

First, access the AdvancedMenu by pressing <AnaJet> button and then press the <Print> button 8 times. The Advanced Menu will appear.

Select Maintenance station and then select Pump On for Either CMYK or White.

Now that the pump is on use a syringe to put cleaning solution into each gasket on the maintenance station. It is only necessary to put 5ml or half a syringe through each color channel.

We recommend 10ml or one full syringe through the white channels. If you notice any one channel drains slower it may be necessary to put more fluid through this channel.

When finished cleaning the Maintenance station, select Pump Off! and secure the maintenance station Press <AnaJet> key to return to the Maintenance menu