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How do I heat cure the ink?

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In order to cure the ink so that your images will be color-fast when washing, it is necessary to heat treat the image so that the image bonds with the garment.

Place the garment in your heat curing machine image side up set to the correct settings found below. If you are using a heat press bring the top down to within 1 inch of being closed and hover the heat press over the image for 15 seconds. This hovering step prevents the mixing of the white and color layers. Both layers are still wet and need to set up a little before applying pressure. This step is needed to produce the best final result when using a heat press.

Re-open the heat press and cover the image with AnaJet SoftTouch heat press paper. Instead of SoftTouch, a Teflon sheet or a Kraft Paper Cover Sheet can be used. If you use a Teflon pad it will leave a semi-glossy look to the prints. Close the heat press and let the ink cure for the prescribed time.

When the time is completed open the heat press, remove the heat press paper and your printed garment is complete. If you are using a textile oven or conveyor dryer, Please test the temperature of the printed image when it exits the dryer to assure that it has reached 330 F or 165 C. Also please do a wash test of your first attempts to be sure that the inks have cured properly and wash ability has been attained.

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