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Cleaning the printer

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Clean the printer a few times a year to keep the printer operating properly.

While cleaning, be careful not touch or soil any of the pulleys, the belt and the Carriage Encoder
Strip located behind the Print Head Carriage movement area.

Turn off the print engine power using the key on the Control Panel. When the print engine power down sequence is completed, turn off the Main Power Switch at the rear of the printer.

Open the printer top cover.

Using a soft brush, clean away any dust and dirt inside the printer.

Clean the Maintenance Station, Wiper Blade and around the Nozzle Plate with AnaJet Cleaning Applicators as described in section 3 of this chapter.

Drain the Waste Ink Tank as needed. Refer to section 6 of this chapter.

Close the printer top cover.

If the outer cover is dirty, clean it with a soft damp cloth with mild detergent. Make sure the water does not seep into the printers mechanisms.

Using a damp cloth, clean the Print Table with mild detergent. Do not use ammonia based glass cleaners such as Windex as the ammonia can dry and damage the Print Head.

Never use any solvent to clean the printer. These chemicals can damage the printer components.

Do not use a hard or abrasive brush.

Do not lubricate the inside of the printer. Unsuitable oil or lubricants can damage the mechanisms.
Contact AnaJet Technical Support, your AnaJet Distributor or a qualified AnaJet service technician if lubrication is needed.

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