Ink Cartridge Check

Cartridge Check: Before printing a job, your AnaJet printer will make sure all six of your cartridges are in a ready state as part of the pre-print checks.


The printer will make sure all of the cartridges are inserted and have plenty of ink to complete the print. Additionally, the printer will check thatnone of the cartridges have expired and that each color is inserted into the correct slot. You will see "GOOD" under each color if inserted correctly and it has passed the pre-print checks. If it says "NOT FOUND", it may not be inserted properly.


The printer will not begin printing unless all the cartridges are confirmed to be ready. It is recommended that this function be left on to prevent damage to printer as a result of expired ink, the ink starvation due to empty cartridges, and ink contamination due to mismatched cartridges.

If you use non-AnaJet brand inks, you are responsible for any result, including damage, arising out of your use of non-AnaJet brand inks.