Installing Settings Files

RICOH DTG offers recommended ColorGate settings for each printer and garment to help customers achieve the best prints possible. Follow this guide to learn how to utilize these settings.

Step One - Find the Required Settings File(s)

First you will want to make sure that you have the latest versions of our recommended settings. Head to the downloads section of our knowledge base, select your printer, and download the settings file(s) that fit your needs (make sure that you have the ColorGate version listed).

Once you have identified and downloaded them, save them to a file location that is easily accessible.

Step Two - Preparing the Image in ColorGate

Next, you will want to have the image you're looking to print imported into ColorGate. 

Once it looks good, right-click on the image file and select "Settings..."

The settings window will open, make sure that the "Printer" tab is selected, then select the open folder icon.

A file explorer window will open. From there, navigate to the appropriate settings file, select it, and then press open.

Step Three - Review the Settings

Take this chance to finetune the settings further, make final changes, and be sure it's ready to print. Make sure to double check the image position and size and check that it's proportional and not stretched out, as this will have a very noticeable effect on image quality.

Step Four - Print the File

That's it! We hope that all goes well, and you notice an immediate improvement in the quality of your prints.

While these settings have been extensively tested and have proven to reliably produce good, consistent results, keep in mind that there are no perfect settings. You may need to finetune them further to fit your specific garments and image.

Don't be afraid to experiment and print small test images before committing to an entire print, the final product will be worth the effort.


There are two common issues that one may encounter when using these files.

1. Error Message after Installation

Usually, error messages are pretty direct and easy to troubleshoot. The most common, pictured above, indicates that the settings aren't for the printer selected. 

Double check to make sure that you have the correct files for the printer you have selected in ColorGate.

2. Software Crashing after Installation

This problem is more difficult to troubleshoot due to the lack of feedback. A common solution is to run the software as an administrator. Otherwise, it could be a sign that the settings file is incompatible with your version of ColorGate.


If you experience recurring issues which you cannot resolve, or have additional questions about the software or printer, do not hesitate to contact our technical support team by phone or email.