Metal Foil Prints

Metal Foil Prints

Create shirts that really sparkle with AnaJets Metal Foil. Foil application is simple and cost effective and the end result is dazzling garments that will impress customers and drive up your selling price.

The process of printing with Metal Foil is not much different from printing a dark garment. You can print Metal Foil on a light or dark garment, but youll treat the garment as if it were a dark garment because the Metal Foil requires white ink to adhere.

How to Use AnaJet Metal Foil

Design your graphic with a white ink underbase anywhere youd like the Metal Foil to appear. Also design a color layer over the white ink, using the color closest to the color of the foil. AnaJets Metal Foil is slightly transparent so the printed color behind the foil will have a dramatic effect.

On a pre-treated shirt, print your white and CMYK passes as usual. Immediately after printing, place a sheet of foil directly on the wet ink. Heat press the garment with the foil placed on the ink.

For a different texture and finish, crumple the foil first or add crunched up balls of paper on top of the foil for a vintage look. Once you finish heat pressing, let the shirt and foil cool, then peel off of the garment. The Metal Foil will permanently adhere to only the spots on the shirt with white ink.