Moving the printer - short distance

A short distance move involves moving the printer by a vehicle under your supervision, the actual travel time should not take more than an hour or two.

If traveling through a high temperature or very low humidity area, or if there is a large altitude change, replace all of the ink with Cleaning Solution. (See Section 5 of the User Manual).

If you are moving the printer in the original printer box replace all of the ink with Cleaning Solution. (See Section 6 of the User Manual). This is necessary because the cartridges must be removed for the printer to fit into the box.

Drain the Waste Ink Tank. (See Section 6 of of the User Manual). Keep the ink cartridges in place. Do not leave the printer without the ink cartridges or Cleaning Solution in place. Otherwise replace ink with Cleaning Solution. (See Section 5 of this chapter).

At the new destination, replace the ink if needed. (See Section 5 of the User Manual) and check the printer performance. Perform a Print Head Nozzle Check and clean the Print Head\ as needed to restore good ink flow. (See User Manual, Chapter 7 Startup of a New Printer, Section 8. Performing a Nozzle Check) Leaving the printer for a long time without restoring good ink flow may cause difficulties with the ink flow later.