Moving the Printer - within the building

To move the printer a very short distance, with the printer remaining at a horizontal position, follow the steps below. An example of such a move would be moving the printer within a building. If you need to move the printer a longer distance or ship it through a common carrier, follow the instructions for Short Distance or Long Distance.

  1. Turn off the print engine by pressing the key on the Control Panel.
  2. When the print engine completes its power down sequence, switch off the printer Main Power Switch on the rear of the printer.
  3. Drain the Waste Ink Tank. (See Section 6 of this chapter)
  4. Clean and drain the Left Drip Pan
  5. Remove both the power cord and USB cable.
  6. The ink cartridges should remain in place. Removing ink cartridge may cause ink dry-out in the ink delivery system.
  7. Install the Carriage and Table Retainers that where with the printer when it arrived. Use the Thumb Screw to tighten the table retainers.
  8. Move the printer carefully (four people are required). Keep the printer horizontal. Only move the printer on its side when moving through a doorway.
  9. When you reach the new destination, make certain the printer is placed on a stable, sturdy and level table.
  10. Make sure the printer is level using a torpedo level as described in Chapter 2: Startup of a New Printer, Section 4: Setting up the Printer.
  11. Make sure that the environment of the new location meets to the printers requirements. See Chapter 1: Product Information, Section 2. Operation Environment Requirements.