Print Head Clean

A Print Head Clean is performed from the Printer Control Panel under the Main menu. Press the button with the 6 ink channels and select a Print Head Clean. You will see the following menu of options.



If your nozzle check only shows that the white ink channels are not firing fully then select Clean White Channels, indicated by the button with only two white boxes.

If you need to clean any of the CMYK channels, select the CMYK channel clean indicated by the button displaying the 4CMYK colors.

If you need to clean BOTH CYMK and White channels, select the 6 channel clean button at the top that shows all 6 colors.

When the clean is completed select Close and pop up will disappear. You now need to perform another Nozzle Check to check the status of your print nozzles. If the check is still not good, repeat the Print Head Cleans until it is.

If the Nozzle Check Pattern looks good then you are finished with the initial printer setup.