Your Warranty

This warranty is for new RICOH Ri 1000, RICOH Ri 1000X, and RICOH Ri 2000 purchases. If you have purchased a RICOH Ri 100, please see your contract for terms and conditions. If your Sales Contract differs from the warranty below, refer to your Sales Contract for applicable warranty terms.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Purchaser. Purchaser orders and purchases the above items pursuant to all of the terms and conditions specified in the three pages of this Contract and agrees to be bound by same.
  2. Purchaser's Cancellation Rights. Purchaser can cancel the purchase of the above Apparel Printer and related equipment and accessories, which does not include Third-Party Accessories (Platens, Pretreatment machine, Tunnel Dryers, Heat Presses, Vector Art and Software Design package) (the "Printer & Products"), for any reason prior to shipment of the Printer & Products by delivering a written notice of cancellation to Seller. The notice of cancellation must be sent either by e-mail to the Sales Representative that originally completed this sale, a reliable overnight courier or Express Mail, or sent by facsimile to Seller at (714) 662-3600, or personally delivered to Seller, 2390 Ward Ave., Suite A, Simi Valley, CA 93065. Within five (5) business days of receipt of a timely notice of cancellation, Seller shall refund to Purchaser all sums paid by Purchaser. Once Printer & Products have shipped, which shall be deemed acceptance thereof, Purchaser may not cancel the purchase of the Printer & Products, and there will be no refund of the purchase price nor buy back of the Printer & Products by Seller. Following shipment, if there are any bona fide warranty claims relating to the Printer & Products, Seller shall resolve same by repair or replacement of the Printer & Products, which repair or replacement shall be determined at Seller's sole option (see Section 10 below).
  3. Taxes. In addition to the purchase price, Purchaser must pay to Seller any applicable sales tax. Resellers and Leasing Companies must provide a resale tax exemption certificate for the state where delivery takes place.
  4. Delivery; Shipment And Insurance. Seller will deliver the Printer & Products by shipment to Purchaser's designated address. All shipping and related insurance charges will be paid by Purchaser. Upon Seller's delivery to the the freight carrier, Purchaser assumes risk of loss to the Printer & Products, and risk of delayed delivery.
  5. Carrier Designation. The mode of transportation shall be designated by Seller.
  6. Force Majeure. Seller shall not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in delivery of the Printer & Products due to causes beyond the reasonable control of Seller, including, but not limited to, resulting from shortage of products, fire, explosion, flood, storm, widespread natural disaster, acts of God, governmental acts, orders or regulations, war, hostilities, civil disturbance, strike, labor difficulties, accidents, machinery breakdown, transportation contingencies, difficulty in obtaining parts, supplies or shipping facilities or delay of carriers, and, in any such circumstances, Seller shall have the absolute right in its sole discretion without any liability to terminate this Contract in whole or in part.
  7. Training; Proper Installation; Operation and Maintenance. Purchaser is required to obtain training in order to learn the proper installation, operation and maintenance of the Printer & Products. Purchaser must attend Seller's free virtual training program ("Ricoh DTG University") within thirty (30) days of the delivery of Printer & Products. Purchaser is solely responsible for proper installation, operation and maintenance of the Printer & Products at Purchaser's place of business.
  8. Title; Security Interest. Title to the Printer & Products shall pass to Purchaser upon full payment for same being made to Seller. Until and unless full payment has been made, Seller reserves title to all products sold hereunder as security for the performance of Purchaser's obligations. Should Purchaser default in payment of any charges hereunder when due, Seller may remove and repossess all products sold hereunder with or without notice or demand, in addition to exercising such other rights and remedies as may be conferred on Seller by law.
  9. Confidentiality. Purchaser agrees to maintain confidential technical information("Confidential Information"), including but not limited to data, plans, specifications, designs and drawings, in confidence from the time of disclosure and to use its best efforts to prevent disclosure thereof to others, except (a) in confidence on a need-to-know basis, and (b) only to employees of Purchaser who have agreed in writing to maintain such Confidential Information in confidence, and (c) only to the extent necessary for using, repairing and maintaining the Printer & Products.
  10. Warranties – Printer & Products; Maintenance; Disclaimers. Seller represents and warrants that, at the time the Printer & Products are delivered, Seller will be the lawful owner of such products, free and clear of any liens and encumbrances, and will have full right, power and authority to sell the same to Purchaser. The Printer & Products shall be in new condition, unless designated in writing otherwise, and Seller warrants that the Printer will be in good operating order and free from material defects under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery to Purchaser and that the Products will be in good operating order and free from material defects under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery to Purchaser. Purchaser shall promptly notify Seller in writing within the warranty period of any defect or malfunction of the Printer or Products, but in no event within less than fourteen (14) days of discovery thereof. Purchaser must provide Seller with any requested materials Seller deems necessary to accurately diagnose any defect or malfunction of the Printer or Products, during the Warranty Period or any extended Warranty Period. If Purchaser fails to provide these requested materials, Seller is not obligated to provide warranty support under this Section. Seller's obligations under these warranties are limited to, at Seller's sole option, replacing or repairing the Printer or Products at Seller's cost, if the Printer or Product is found to be defective, provided that the Printer or Product is, upon request, returned to Seller at its place of business, transportation prepaid by Purchaser. Purchaser must retain the box that the Printer and Products were shipped in to return to Seller for replacement or repair under this Section. If Purchaser does not retain the box, Purchaser shall pay for the box and shipping costs associated with shipment of the box to Purchaser at then prevailing rates of Seller's freight company. Further, Purchaser must use Seller's freight company for any warranty repair or replacement shipments to Seller's place of business. If Printer or Product is found to be defective and covered by the warranty listed in this section, Seller will reimburse Purchaser for prepaid transportation costs, as well as pay for return shipping to Seller. The warranties contained herein are specifically conditioned on Purchaser's proper installation, operation, and maintenance of the Printer in accordance with Seller's free training program (either at Sellers location in Simi Valley, CA or virtually through "Ricoh DTG University"), with the instructions set forth in Seller's manual and written materials provided to Purchaser and with ordinary and usual business practices. Should Purchaser fail to properly install, operate and/or maintain the Printer, then Seller may, at its sole discretion, deem any or all the warranties contained herein to be voided and of no further effect. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Ricoh DTG-branded cartridges are for single use only and that the Purchaser is responsible for any resulting damage to the machine caused by non- Ricoh DTG branded inks. Items that could void warranty of Printer and Products are use of non-Ricoh DTG brand inks, damage caused by improper installation, improper or abnormal use, misuse, or neglect. Damage caused by non-compliance with the maintenance provisions of instruction manual, improper consumables, improper use of accompanying accessories, or if the product has been altered or modified in any way. Purchaser may be eligible to purchase from Seller (or a designated agent of Seller) an extended warranty (excluding consumable parts and print heads), under the terms and conditions then offered by Seller. When the Printer is no longer under warranty or extended warranty, Purchaser can still receive repair service and technical support on a "pay as you go" basis per the then prevailing rates of Seller.