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RICOH Ri 3000 Firmware v1.2.6.r

RICOH Ri 6000 Firmware v1.2.6.r

(Minimum Firmware v1.2 Required)
  • Version 1.2.6.r Notes
    • Improved auto maintenance routine with the following benefits:
      • "Walk up ready to print" even after sitting idle over night or extended periods.
      • Improved white ink density due to improved auto maintenance routine.
      • Dramatically reduced need for manual head cleans to start the day as well as mid-day head cleans.
      • Reduced damage to parts and ink lines due to dried ink in system.
      • Customers currently performing more than 2 head cleans or fills a day should experience an overall reduction in ink consumption for maintenance purposes.
    • Independent adjustments for auto maintenance routines for CMYK and White.
    • Ability to fine tune auto maintenance frequency based on environment.

RICOH Ri 3000 Firmware v1.2

RICOH Ri 6000 Firmware v1.2

  • Version 1.2 Notes
    • Over 60 seconds reduced print time on dark shirts with new Speed Mode for white underbase with Ri 3000 (over 30 seconds with Ri 6000).
    • Reduced occurrences of interrupted prints and job transmissions from RIP from our multiple printer stability improvements.
    • Better technical support experience with the improved printer log retrieval process.


RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000 Firmware v1.2.6.r Installation Guide

RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000 Firmware v1.2 Installation Guide

RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000 Quick Start Guide PDF

RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000 User Manual PDF

RICOH Ri 3000/Ri 6000 Maintenance Schedule PDF