Ri 4000 Supplies

Learn about the supplies you'll need to keep your Ri 4000 in perfect condition.

Ink, Enhancer, and Cleaner

The Ri 4000 has six slots for ink or ink cleaner cartridges, two for white, and one for each of the four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. There are four additional slots for enhancer or enhancer cleaner cartridges.

The Ri 4000 uses a unique set of cartridges; in order to operate, the printer will require four enhancer cartridges, two white ink cartridges, and an ink cartridge of each color.

Make sure that you always have extra ink on hand, running out will put the printer in an error state that prevents auto maintenance, which can lead nozzle clogging.

The cleaner cartridges are unique to the Ri 4000, and there is one for ink and one for enhancer which can be used in any of their respective slots.

You will only need cleaning cartridges when you wish to fill the lines with cleaner, either for long-term storage or periods of inactivity. Make sure to only use cleaning cartridges for this purpose, when inserted they will prevent auto maintenance if the lines were not cleared.

Not to be confused with cleaner cartridges, you will also need to monitor the levels of the cleaner bottle and refill as needed with RICOH Cleaning Liquid Type P1.


The supplies you need for printing will vary depending on your goals.

The basic essentials you will need is a Windows 11 or later computer with a RIP software such as ColorGate installed (and a method of transfer such as USB or ethernet), a heat press, and garments to print on.

Next, you will need to consider what you are printing. For the Ri 4000, no pretreatment will be needed. You will need an appropriate platen for the apparel you are printing on, such as a hat or shoe. If you plan on printing with Direct-to-film, you need to have the appropriate film and powder. You can also apply additional effects such as foil to your prints. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is important to follow the daily, three-day, and monthly maintenance requirements for your Ri 4000 to keep it running without issue.

Make sure that you are stocked on the following items, since they are commonly used for maintenance:

Cleaning Liquid Type 1

Cleaning Applicators

Lint-free Wipes

RICOH Grease

Fan Filters

If you have any additional questions about what supplies are needed, feel free to contact us for technical support, quotes, or order assistance.