How to move the RICOH DTG printer - long distance

In this article, we will walk you through how to move your RICOH DTG printers over long distances.

Please contact RICOH DTG's Technical Support to walk you through this process.

Replace all of the ink with a Cleaning Solution. (See Section 5 of this chapter)

Drain the Waste Ink Tank.

Turn off the print engine with the Control Panel key.

When the print engine completes its power-down sequence, switch off the printer's Main Power Switch at the rear of the printer.

Remove all of the Cleaning Solution cartridges.

Restrain the Print Table and Carriage with Retainers on the print table and print carriage.

Remove both the power cord and USB cable.

Package the printer in the original shipping boxes before shipping.

Handle the printer with the help of a second person to avoid damage. DO NOT PLACE ANY OTHER ITEMS IN THE PRINTER BOX except the original accessory box. IF NECESSARY, USE A SECOND BOX FOR ACCESSORY ITEMS.

Keep the printer level while handling and transporting.

If you are shipping the printer through a common carrier, the printer box must be placed on a pallet. Secure the printer box onto the pallet. Ship via a trucking or air freight company with FRAGILE instructions.