Spark software

Fast & Simple

Spark is a graphics manipulation client that can be used instead of Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw. It is much faster and easier to use than complex graphic design programs and is supported directly by AnaJet.

Use Spark to quickly create and edit personalized designs, accelerate orders, and streamline quotes. AnaJet mPower owners can buy Spark from their AnaJet Regional Manager for a low one-time cost. No subscription fees, no connection fees, no transaction costs.

Additional Benefits:

  • Ready to print in seconds
  • Easy, fast quoting and order management
  • Better productivity
  • One-time license fee
  • See customer graphics and text on a virtual shirt
  • One call for support for your printer and software

Frequently Asked Questions

Which AnaJet printer models is Spark compatible with?
Spark works with the mPower mP5 and mP5-i, and mPower mP10 and mP10-i and AnaJet 3000/6000. Spark does not integrate with the SPRINT or FP-125 printer models, however it can output PNG images.

How much does Spark cost? Are there recurring fees?
USA AnaJet owners can buy a license of Spark for a one-time cost of only $695. There are no reccurring fees, no subscription fees, no connection fees, and no transaction costs.

Is Spark available for international customers outside the USA?
Spark is available in the USA and worldwide. Please contact your local AnaJet distributor to discuss availability in your region. Prices may vary by country.

Does AnaJet require that I purchase Spark?
No, it is not required that you purchase Spark, and the program is not required in order for you to use your mPower printer. If you change your mind at a later time, you may purchase Spark at any time through AnaJets Customer Care Department.

Is this included when we download updates from AnaJet's website?
No, this is not part of the firmware and other updates that AnaJets Technical Support Department provides to customers. Spark requires a separate license activation that can be purchased through AnaJets Customer Care Department.

Who provides training and technical support?
The Spark for AnaJet channel has a wide selection of demo and training videos.

Do you need graphic design knowledge to operate Spark?
No, in fact Spark for AnaJet was designed specifically with those who prefer not to use complex graphic design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator or CorelDraw in mind. It is user-friendly, intuitive, quick and easy to use for all skill levels, including those with no graphic design experience at all.View the tour video at the top of this post.

What are the technical requirements to operate Spark?
Spark requires that you have a Windows 8 or Windows 7 (plus service pack 1) operating system with 4 GB of RAM and 50 GB of free disk space. It is not compatible with Windows XP, Vista or earlier versions of Windows. An internet connection is not required to operate Spark after initial activation.

Can I buy this if I already own an AnaJet printer?
Yes, you may buy a Spark for AnaJet license at any time, even after your original printer purchase. It integrates with AnaRIP, but it does not integrate with EK Print Studio for the SPRINT or FP-125.

How many computers can I install the software on?
Each Spark for AnaJet software activation license allows a single installation. If you need to purchase additional licenses, contact AnaJet or your distributor. If you change computers, you will be able to transfer your license to your new computer, and will no longer be able to use the software on your old computer.

Is this the same as InkSoft? How is it different?
No. InkSoft was an online service offered by AnaJet for a limited time. The decoration aspects of the programs are similar, but they are designed by different software vendors. InkSoft was primarily a web store front and graphics manipulation client that required payment of a monthly fee. Spark is a graphics manipulation client that does not need an internet connection and only requires a one-time activation cost. Also, Spark has been designed to communicate information directly with AnaRIP, such as garment color, position of the art in the platen etc. InkSoft is no longer available for purchase through AnaJet.

Does this replace my InkSoft subscription?
No. If you have already purchased InkSoft, you may continue to use that program if you continue to pay the monthly fees. If you would like to cancel your InkSoft subscription and use Spark for AnaJet, you will need to contact InkSoft directly to cancel, and then purchase a new Spark license from AnaJet or your distributor. Your InkSoft license can not be transferred to Spark.