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Congratulations on the purchase of your AnaJet/Ricoh printer! Whether you attend the in-person class at our headquarters location, or have an onsite technician install and train you at your business location, the following topics should be covered in your training. If you are outside the USA, your distributor is responsible for providing you the proper training on the use and maintenance of the printer.


1. Correct operating environment for trouble-free operation.
2. Leveling the Printer and proper Printer Placement for good print quality.
3. Loading Garments on the Print Table and Placement of Garment on Print Table in relation to the Graphics program / Print Preview.
4. Obstruction (laser) Sensor.
5. Print Head Cleaning, Nozzle Check, Print Nozzle Purge, etc.
6. Understanding your Printer Settings
7. The need for Regular Printer Maintenance and Cleaning.
8. Accessing Maintenance Station / Moving the Carriage off the Maintenance Station.
9. Cleaning Maintenance Station, Nozzle Plate Edges, etc.
10. Printer Environment, Humidity and Temperature.
11. Waste Ink Drain operation.
12. Control Panel Functions and Navigation.
13. Proper Black Shirt Pretreatment.
14. Printing white shirts / printing black shirts.
15. Proper use of RIP program.
16. Installing ink cartridges, low ink warnings, replacing ink cartridges.
17. How to ship the printer. Charge cleaning solution, use original shipping box and pallet.

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