Troubleshooting - Sprint

The following documents are here as a resource when troubleshooting various problems with your AnaJet Sprint. If you are unsure as to which document to follow for your specific problem, please call AnaJet Tech Support at 714-668-6000. DO NOT follow these documents if the problem you are having does not correspond to the documents description.

Please contact our customer care team if you have any questions about your printer, or to request technical support.

AnaBright Ink Printing Tips
Applying AnaBright Pretreatment Liquid
Ink Maintenance Feature
Pretreatment Showing on Shirt


Activating EKPrint Studio
EK Print Studio Print Quality
EK Manual
EK Pro
How to Use Template Files EK Print Studio
Installing the driver on Windows XP
Installing the driver on Windows Vista
Installing the 64bit RIP driver on Windows 7
Installing the Driver on Windows 7
Windows 8 or Windows 10

Maintenance or Part Replacement

Adjusting or Repairing Paper Sensor
Air in Tubes
Cancel Failure
Cleaning the Encoder Strip
Cleaning the Ink Needle
Color Not Right
Control Panel Replacement
Damper Replacement
Disable Driver Signature Enforcement on Windows 10
Draining the Waste Tank
Encoder Strip Replacement Guide
Flushing Ink out of the Printer
Frozen at Do Not Turn Off
Frozen at System Initialization
Getting Support for a USED Printer
Ink Charge
Ink Charge - Why Necessary
Ink Maintenance Feature
Ink Overspray
Ink Siphoning
Ink Tube Replacement
Maintenance Station Replacement
Mac Bootcamp
Nozzle Deflection
Power Fuse
Print Head Replacement
Print Engine F2 Fuse
Printing on Canvas
Reducing Ink Usage
Replacing Print Engine Board
Service Counter Reset
Soaking the Nozzle Plate (English)
Soaking the Nozzle Plate (Spanish)
Sprint Lubrication Schedule
Start-up Times
Shipping Instructions
Stoppage of Ink Flow
Table Level
Table Position Sensor Tab Adjustment
Wait Light Error
Waste Tank Clogged
Wiper Blade Replacement
Wrong Color in the Nozzle Check