Unpacking Your mPower Printer

Before unpacking the printer, be sure that you have set up the environment where the printer will be operating. Ensure that you have proper power for the printer, check that the environmental requirements are being met and set up a sturdy, stable and level table to place the printer on.

The printer box should always be placed right side up as indicated by the arrows printed on it. Remove the poly wrapping and the strapping. Remove the top lid, upper foam and separator sleeve. With the help of 4 people, one at each corner of the printer (DO NOT LIFT USING THE INK BAY COVERS), lift the printer from the box. *Do not attempt to lift the printer alone as it could damage the printer and cause injury.

Place the printer on your table.

Make certain that you keep all of the packing materials. If the printer needs to be shipped for any reason including warranty repair it cannot be properly protected without them.

Removing retaining brackets

It is very important that the printer be operated on a stable, sturdy and level table.

Ensure that the table is sturdy enough so the printer does not shake or vibrate during operation. Operating the printer on an unstable, uneven or slanted surface will cause poor print quality and could damage the printer.

Unlatch the Top Cover using the key provided and turning counter-clockwise. Hold the key in this position and lift the cover.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 8.05.05 AM

Locate the Table and Carriage Retainers.

Remove thumb screws holding the Table and Carriage Retainer in position. Keep the Retainers and Thumb Screws for future use for printer shipment.

Now you can move the Print Table manually back and forward to make certain that the Print Table is free. Take a moment to look at all internal mechanisms and verify that nothing has been damaged during shipping.