AnaRIP View Types

Color Layer: This view will show your original image as it was brought into the software.

True View: This view will show what the image will look like when printed. Since the CMYK are somewhat transparent the color of the garment will affect the final look of your printed image. To demonstrate this click the Textile color drop down and select a different color. As you can see below, the garment color affects the final print color of your image. True View is a very powerful feature of AnaRIP and will assist you in determining whether or not you will need to use white ink.

Underbase: This view is only visible with the white ink enabled. This view shows the white layer that will lay down under the color layer for dark garments.

Color and True View: This view shows both views in the display.

Color, Underbase and True View: This will show all 3 views for dark color garments in the display. The second tab will be the open default view; this tab is called Print Settings. The first option you will encounter in the Print Settings Tab is the Printer Name drop-down. Here you can select where the print job will be sent when the print button is pressed. If USB is selected in the Printer Name drop-down then when the print button is pressed the job will RIP to the RICOH Ri 3000 or RICOH Ri 6000 printer that is currently connected to the computer through the USB cable. Printing this way is similar to using any standard desktop printer. If RICOH Ri 3000 or RICOH Ri 6000 File is selected then the AnaRIP software will process the file to destination of your choice.

You can RIP your files to you computers desktop or to a folder of your choice and print them later, or you can RIP your files to a USB Flash Drive, which can then be plugged into the printers control panel.