White Highlight Preview in AnaRIP

"Enable Highlight" on the Color Adjustments Tab allows for a second layer of pure white to be printed during the color layer, allowing for a brighter white. If using white highlight, make sure there is dead pixel space between any large amounts of pure white and any CMYK color as it may cause white ink to mix the color at the edge.

To remove all of a specific color range, select Select Color.

Then click the color you want to remove from your image. The selected color will be removed from the entire image. You can increase the range of the color removed by adjusting the Color Tolerance slider. You can also select to remove a Border color. This removes a contiguous color up to when it changes to another color. Please note that better results will be achieved by using your image editing software to create transparencies.

Once you have completed your settings and adjustments you can now send your image to the printer by pressing Print or save the graphic to your computer or an USB drive by selecting Print to file.

The Printer will first print the White layer.

Once completed, the printer will print the Color Pass.

Since the white Underbase layer may not be dry enough to receive the color layer, there is an adjustment on the printers job window to set a wait time before the color layer is printed. By default it is set to 0.

By checking the Manual box you can set it to Manual color layer print. This means that you will need to press the <PRINT> button to have the color layer print. By doing this on your first print of a particular job you will be able to determine the wait time if any that will be needed to produce an acceptable print. You can then adjust the color layer wait time by pressing the Up or Down buttons to the needed setting.