Andre Haymond

Stick to Your Day Job

For Andre Haymond, nothing could be further from the truth. In October of 2017, Haymond bought his RICOH Ri3000. 3 weeks later and with business rolling in, he quit his day job to start Design2Ink in Dallas, TX and has been doing DTG printing ever since.


Andre credits creativity, energy and the willingness to partner with clients as his keys to success. He works with his customers to bring “custom to another level” when designing a shirt — often partnering on the costs for production and sharing the profits to keep his DTG printer running at maximum capacity. He’s always on the lookout for a local show, up and coming celebrity to showcase his wares or the next out of the box idea to promote his business–such as when he set up shop at a local event, asked for folks to grab a picture on their phone and started printing. After 3 hours, he had printed so many shirts he lost count.


Andre credits the purchase of his RICOH DTG printer to the amazing relationship and customer service he had with AnaJet.


I originally talked to Ray, the salesperson, 3 years before and was really hesitant about getting the machine. But when I called 3 years later and Ray was not only still with the company, but remembered me and worked so hard to meet my needs, I was sold.


And Andre’s advice for creating a successful DTG business? Be creative. Think outside of the box. Don’t focus on the quick dollar and the machine will pay for itself. “I’ve never made a payment for my DTG printer out of my own pocket yet,” he’s quick to point out, noting the quick ROI available to those DTG owners who work hard, think big and enjoy the process of printing anything their customers can dream of.