Colors are wrong or missing

If the colors you are trying to print are wrong or not printing, try the solutions below. Run a Nozzle Check. If needed perform the necessary Print Head cleaning.

Make sure that you are using genuine AnaJet Ink.

Check the LCD Control Panel and check for low or empty ink cartridges if any are low or out of ink, replace with a new ink cartridge.

Check that all of the ink cartridges are installed correctly with the right color in the right cartridge bay. The Control Panel will indicate to you if this has been done.

Adjust the color settings in your graphics application program and printing program. Please note that when you see an image on a computer screen it is created using light in a Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color mode. When you see an RGB image created with light it will always appear more vibrant and bright than a printed image using Cyan- Magenta- Yellow- Black (CMYK) ink. This is the nature of the CMYK process color printing method.