Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a computer expert?
Basic computer skills are necessary for the loading and printing of the graphic. AnaJet offers a very simple and easy-to-use graphic design program for use with the mPower i-series, Spark for AnaJet, for those who are not familiar with professional graphic design programs such as Photoshop, Corel Draw or Illustrator.

Do I need a computer or internet connection?
Yes, but not at all times. You will need a computer to create, edit and load graphics, and an internet connection is highly suggested for business operations. However, the mPower i-series has a USB drive built into the printer so that you can load and print, print-ready graphics on the go, without a computer.

Will this machine make my shop less dirty and cluttered?
Absolutely. AnaJet printers are compact and clean for optimal use in shops. There is no loose ink and no messy screens to deal with. AnaBright and PowerBright inks are non-toxic and water-based so that they are safe.

Do the prints need to be heat-treated?
Yes, prints from our printers need to be heat-cured, as all direct-to-garment and screen printed items do. You can use a heat press or tunnel/conveyor dryer.

How much do replacement parts cost?
Replacement parts on the mPower are generally the same cost as they are with the SPRINT; a sales representative can give you more pricing information.

Will the mPower i-series 12-channel head create problems for me?
Generally speaking, more channels means more chances for clogging. However, mPower printers use an industrial-strength print head and have a power purge system which reduces or eliminates clogs.

Does the mPower i-series need regular maintenance?
Yes, all direct-to-garment printers require regular maintenance. AnaJet printers have automatic daily maintenance and three levels of print head cleaning so that users only need to perform a thorough cleaning about once a week.

Is the mPower i-series portable?
The mPower i-series is larger and heavier than theSPRINT and requires at least two people to lift and move the machine. Because of this, the mPower i-series is not as portable as the SPRINT; however, moving the printer will not damage it, nor will it invalidate the printers warranty.

Does the mPower i-series have an automatic or manual adjustable table height?
Both! One of the new features of the mPower i-series is an automatic table height adjustment sensor, that adjusts up to 3.0. The mPower also allows users to manually adjust the table height, as with the SPRINT.

Does the mPower i-series give me ink level control?
Yes. The mPower i-series gives you complete control over the ink drop size and saturation for each print, so that you can easily switch between a thin tank top and a thick hoodie without over saturating or wasting ink.

How fast can the mPower i-series print a shirt?
On an mP10i, the typical print speed for a 12 by 10 graphic with the speed printer settings is 27 seconds on a white shirt and less than a minute on a dark shirt. Visit the Comparison Matrix to see estimated print speeds for all AnaJet printers.

How do I determine which AnaJet printer is right for me?
For a technical comparison, visit the Comparison Matrix. Users printing several thousand shirts per month will benefit from the mPower i-series high speed and production capacity. Users with lower volume production (about 500 or fewer pieces) will benefit from theSPRINTs smaller footprint and lower cost. Both printers can print one-offs and small runs, and both printers have dark shirt printing abilities and AnaJets acclaimed closed-loop ink delivery system for optimal ink flow.

What is the difference between the mPower and the mPower i-series?
The mPower is AnaJets first industrial strength direct to garment printer, using stainless-steel Ricoh print heads. The mPower was released in August 2011. In April 2013, AnaJet released the mPower i-series, which is the next version of the original mPower. The updated i-series mP5i and mP10i models represent a significant step up in durability and performance over the original mPower models. All new mPower printers sold by AnaJet are mPower i-series models.

What are the major differences between the mPower i-series and the SPRINT?
The mPower i-series was engineered and purpose-built from the ground up as an industrial strength production printer. Unlike the SPRINT, it uses an industrial 12-channel stainless-steel Ricoh print head and a power purge system that eliminates virtually all clogs and prints significantly faster.
The mPower i-series can print a white shirt in20 seconds and has a larger print area than the SPRINT. The printer has an automatic table height adjustment sensor and ink drop level controls. The mPower i-series incorporates AnaJets acclaimed closed-loop ink delivery system and uses PowerBright ink cartridges.