Print Nozzle Clogging

The RICOH Ri 3000 and Ri 6000 printer, with its Closed-Loop Ink Delivery System and sealed ink cartridges, is designed to operate without nozzle clogging. But occasional nozzle clogs are inevitable with any inkjet apparel printer. Depending on the environment, and pattern of printer usage and maintenance, it will be necessary to perform Print Head cleaning, more frequently. If your printer nozzle clogging is excessive, try one or more of the following solutions.

  • Make sure you only use PowerBright Plus or Spectrum inks.
  • Verify that the humidity around the printer is above 45% RH. Low humidity dries out the ink and can cause nozzle clogging.
  • Keep the Maintenance Station Capping Rings, Wiper Blade and Print Head Nozzle Plate clean by regular cleaning. See Chapter 9: Maintenance and Transportation, Section 3: Cleaning Maintenance Station and Nozzle Plate.
  • The white ink used for dark garment printing tends to settle. If the nozzle clogging problem is mainly for white inks, it may be due to ink settling. You must gently shake the installed white ink cartridges once
  • Under optimal conditions, the printer can retain perfect Nozzle Test Patterns even if the printer is not used for several days. It is, however, recommended that the printer be used at least several times a week for optimal maintenance. It is also necessary that the Printer and Control Panel be powered on at all times and all carts are inserted into the cartridge bay so the auto circulation will be able to run. If all cartridges are not present during an auto circulation, the printer will not proceed with auto circulation. or twice a week. You need to pull the white ink cartridges out of the cartridge bay, shake them gently and reinsert them. You can prevent an ink spill while shaking by wrapping the cartridges in a paper towel.
  • Check and make sure the inks, particularly white ink, have not expired. Expired inks agglomerate and clog the Ink Delivery System and nozzles. The ink manufacturing date is indicated on the cartridge. The colored inks expire in one year after the manufacturing date, and white ink in six months after manufacturing date.
  • For unused white ink cartridges in storage, try to turn them over once every few days until they are used. You can also gently shake the unopened white ink cartridges. This will prevent the white ink components from settling.

For technical information on the RICOH Ri 1000 and Ri 2000 DTG Printers, please visit Ricoh DTG University.