Get Started With Your New RICOH Ri 100

Congratulations on your purchase of the award-winning RICOH Ri 100 direct-to-garment printer! Here are important resources to help get you started as quickly and easily as possible.

Before You Get Started

  1. Review the helpful training videos for your Ricoh Ri 100.
  2. Download and save a copy of your Ri 100 Warranty agreement. If this differs from your Sales Contract, please refer to your Sales Contract for applicable terms.
  3. Be sure to review the User Manuals before operating your printer. The User Manuals are available for download here.

Links to Important Resources

  1. The User Manuals for your RICOH Ri 100 are available for download here.
  2. Drivers, Firmware, and Software Downloads. For your printer's drivers, firmware, and software downloads and updates, please visit:
  3. Connect to your network by following these Wireless LAN Instructions.
  4. Learning Resources. Visit the Support Knowledge Base for information on using and maintaining your machine. For more advanced techniques, tips, and tricks, visit: DTG Master Class.
  5. Ricoh DTG Online Store. Register to purchase your ink and other consumables through our online store:
  6. Join the Ricoh DTG Owners Facebook Group. Network with fellow Ricoh DTG printer owners and share tips, tricks, and more. Your printer serial number and email address are required for verification purposes in order to join the group. Submit your join request here:


The Support Knowledge Base provides helpful information including videos that will help you become an expert in the use and maintenance of your machine. Visit:

Ricoh DTG Technical Support: You can contact the Technical Support team at (877)646-0999 M-F 8am-4pm PST or via email at

Ricoh DTG Customer Care: Our Customer Care team is dedicated to assisting you with any general issues or concerns regarding your account. You may contact Customer Care directly at (877)626-2538 M-F 8am-4pm PST or via email at for any general order or shipping inquiries. If you have any issues placing your ink and supply order online, please contact