Ricoh DTG Master Class: Advanced DTG Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Few people know more advanced DTG tips, tricks, and techniques than Marica Mody, Ricoh DTG Trade Show Manager. With trade shows and other events cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Marica is landed at home and looking for ways to use her knowledge and experience to help Ricoh DTG printers owners master their machines.

Master Your Ricoh Direct-to-Garment Printer

Join Marica each week as she covers in-depth DTG topics like pretreatment, printing techniques, maintenance, and other DTG insider tips and tricks she’s learned from years of maintaining printers while on the road.

If you have any questions about your Ricoh direct-to-garment printer, be sure to Ask Marica! Send questions to


Episode 08: Tips, tricks, and strategies for increasing sales!

Ricoh DTG Sales Director Haziel Mitchell shares tips and strategies for increasing your sales and growing your DTG business.

Episode 06: Let's Talk T-Shirts

Let’s Talk T-Shirts: T-Shirt Selection, Cost, Quality, ROI & More! Special Guest: Mallory Watson, Spectra

Episode 04: Maintenance of Your Ricoh DTG Printer

Maintenance of your DTG Printer: Nozzle Check Issues, Banding, Overspray, Print Height Gauge, and Ink Pooling.

Episode 02: Master Pretreatment with Brian Walker, Founder of Image Armour and RTP

This week, Guest Brian Walker, founder of Image Armour and RTP, joins Marica to answer all of your questions about pretreatment for dark garments.

Episode 07: Viper MINI, Dark 100% Poly Printing & All Things Pretreat!

Join us for DTG Master Class (formerly the “Ask Marica” webinar series)! In this episode, Marica welcomes special guest Brian Walker, founder of i-Group Technologies (creator of Viper, Image Armor, and RTP).

Episode 05: Learn about Graphics for DTG

In this session, Marica will be joined by Ricoh DTG Technical Support agent Danny Meissenburg! Besides being highly skilled with Ricoh DTG printers, Danny is also trained in graphic design and will be sharing his top tips, tricks and troubleshooting solutions for DTG graphics.

Episode 03: RICOH Ri 1000 Maintenance & RIP Software (June 25, 2020)

In this session, Marica covers maintenance for the RICOH Ri 1000, along with AnaRIP and ColorGATE RIP software.

Episode 01: Start Your Printer After Months of Shutdown

For the first webinar in the series, Marica will cover topics including how to start up your printer after it’s been flushed for months, transitioning back to being in business, resources for printing face masks, and much more.