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Direct to Film Printing

DTF is the perfect addition to your garment printing business.

Place designs on hard-to-reach or awkward surfaces, handle one-offs and small volumes, or even sell printed transfers direct to your customers, all while cutting down on production time!

How easy is Direct-to-Film mode on a Ricoh DTG printer?

Printing DTF on the Ricoh Ri 1000, Ri 1000X, Ri 2000, and Ri 4000 DTG printers is a snap! See how to get the best of both garment printing worlds included with your printer software. DTF technology is included with all new Ricoh DTG/DTF printer purchases.

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Do more with DTF

Expand your garment printing capabilities with direct-to-film mode

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Eliminate pretreatment to save time and money

Unlike with direct-to-garment, DTF transfers don’t require fabric pretreatments, even for white ink.

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Reduce your inventory space with preprinted DTF transfers

Because DTF transfers take up little space, it’s easy to store and transfer on demand without over-investing in inventory.

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Easily transfer to a wide variety of other fabrics and unique areas

With DTF, easily transfer designs to a wider variety of garments and unconventional areas, like sleeves, cuffs, pockets, scarves, flags, and more.

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Use less white ink for your prints

DTF prints require less white ink as an underbase, because the hot melt powder bonds the inks to the garment.

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Produce more durable prints for heavy use

DTF transfers wash well and are flexible. Since they won’t crack or peel, this makes them great for heavy-use items.

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Speed up your production process

DTF eliminates the step of pretreating and drying your garment, cutting down production time significantly.

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