Installing the Data Collector

Installation Steps:

1. The printer analytics tool (Data Collector) is bundled with the latest version of AnaRIP. Download the latest AnaRIP software from (Data Collector is packaged with AnaRIP).  The complete AnaRIP and Data Collector Installation process is outlined in the below video:

2. Before proceeding with the installation, close any open instance of AnaRIP

3. Uninstall older data collector, if present on PC

4. Run AnaRIP Software Executable File


5. Select the folder you wish to Install AnaRIP


6. Select the start menu folder to store the AnaRIP shortcut



7. Agree to the Data Collector License agreement


8. Install the Data Collector software


9. Click FINISH button when prompted


10. AnaRIP will complete installation.

11. Open the Data Collector Settings Application by clicking on icon (or link below)


12. Add Printers to the Data Collector

**NOTE** The Data Collector will not activate until you add your printer using the below instructions.

Click the link below for your printer for detailed instructions: