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Get Started With Your New RICOH Ri 1000/Ri 2000

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Congratulations on your purchase of the award-winning RICOH Ri 1000/Ri 2000 direct-to-garment printer! To get started as quickly and easily as possible, complete your “Get Started” Checklist.


  1. Get started on your FREE Ricoh DTG Onboarding Program. Please note that completing this program is required for warranty protection. Plus you will RECEIVE A $99 COUPON for use in our online store when you successfully complete the Ricoh DTG Onboarding Program. Learn more and register.
  2. Register and install your software. When you receive your printer, you will find that it includes your ColorGATE RIP Software serial key. Please note that your software must be fully registered and activated before setting up your printer. Turn-around time for this process will take up to three days. Register your software now or contact Technical Support to book an appointment.
  3. Review the essential “Need to Know” tips for your RICOH Ri 1000 or Ri 2000. Watch a short video and review the essential tips for protecting your printer. Failure to do so could void your warranty. Please visit: Ri 1000 Essential Tips or Ri 2000 Essential Tips.
  4. Read your User Manual before use. The most recently updated version of your User Manual is located here: RICOH Ri 1000 User Manual or RICOH Ri 2000 User Manual.
  5. KEEP YOUR BOXES! In the event that you need to move locations or return your printer for repair, you will need your printer’s original packaging. Please note: Prices for replacement boxes and packaging for these printers starts at $500 + Shipping.
  6. Set up your printer. Watch these helpful videos that show how to unbox and set up your printer: Ri 1000 Setup or Ri 2000 Setup.


  1. Software. When you install your ColorGATE RIP software, you will be prompted to register your printer and activate the included Printer Analytics Dashboard. Learn more at: and Your ColorGate quick installation and user guide can be found at:
  2. The User Manual for your RICOH Ri 1000 is available for download here. Download the RICOH Ri 2000 manual here.
  3. Your Warranty is available here: RICOH Ri 1000/2000 Standard Warranty. If this warranty differs from the one outlined in your Sales Contract, please refer to your Sales Contract for applicable terms.
  4. Downloads & Software Updates. For your printer’s user manual, drivers, firmware, and software downloads and updates, please visit:
  5. Learning Resources. Visit the Support Knowledge Base for information on using and maintaining your machine. For more advanced techniques, tips, and tricks, visit: DTG Master Class.
  6. Ricoh DTG Online Store. Register to purchase your ink and other consumables through our online store:
  7. Join the Ricoh DTG Owners Facebook Group. Network with fellow Ricoh DTG printer owners and share tips, tricks, and more. Your printer serial number and email address are required for verification purposes in order to join the group. Submit your join request here:


The Support Knowledge Base provides helpful information including videos that will help you become an expert in the use and maintenance of your machine. Visit:

Ricoh DTG Technical Support: You can contact the Technical Support team at (877)646-0999 M-F 8am-4pm PST or via email at .

Ricoh DTG Customer Care: Our Customer Care team is dedicated to assisting you with any general issues or concerns regarding your account. You may contact Customer Care directly at (877)626-2538 M-F 8am-4pm PST or via email at for any general order or shipping inquiries. If you have any issues placing your ink and supply order online, please contact


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