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101 Ways to Make Money With DTG

Ready for some inspiration? Here are 101 ideas to help get you started making money with DTG.

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is on the brink of exploding with popularity. DTG printers utilize inkjet technology to print images and photographs directly onto fabric, empowering you to create gorgeous, retail-quality clothing.

When you consider the fact that a blank t-shirt can cost as little as $3 and the approximate cost of ink ranges from just a few cents to less than $1.50 for a color-heavy, 8×12-inch graphic, it is easy to see the potential for profit when you sell that t-shirt for $12 — or more!

The Power of DTG

There are countless ways to make money with DTG, but they all center around the technology’s biggest strengths: full customization, virtually unlimited colors, and the profitability of short runs. Unlike other methods, such as screen printing, DTG has low setup costs for a print job, making it profitable with small orders and one-offs.

The greatest advantage of DTG is easy customization. Use your favorite graphic design software to create and edit text and images however you or your customer pleases. After using RIP software (included for free with most DTG printers) to process the image, you simply send the file to your machine and start printing. The process takes only a few minutes.

Because of DTG’s ease of customization and consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for personalized goods, you will find that many of the best ideas for making money with DTG involve creating products customized with a customer’s name, personal photos, dates of special days, or favorite sayings.

Find Your Niche

Many of those who have found success in the DTG industry started by catering to a very specific niche or target market. Whether you want to build a business around a retail kiosk geared toward local tourists or run an online store that specializes in custom doggy t-shirts, defining your niche is crucial to focusing your marketing efforts and spending your advertising budget wisely.

Be Inspired

When it comes to DTG, the possibilities are truly as endless as your imagination. Whatever way you choose to make money with DTG printing, develop a strong understanding of your customers’ needs and differentiate yourself with your creativity, close attention to quality, and excellent customer service. Ready for some inspiration? Fill out the form below to get 101 ideas to help get you started.