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AnaJet Has New Firmware Update Available

Today Anajet has released some great new firmware updates to the mPower iseries printers that will improve performance, capabilities and other existing features. Were pleased to announce the release ofthe latest mPower firmware version 3.7.

Network Functionality:

Network connection support – The printer can now receive print jobs (sent from AnaRIP 3.0 and higher) over Ethernet connection.
New job available alert – During a print, if a new print job arrives to the printer, an on-screen message will appear alerting you of the new job.
Printer number – The printer can now be assigned a two-digit number (from 00 to 99). This allows multiple printers to be uniquely identified when connected to one computer.

Improved Efficiency & Stability:
Reduced print job overhead time with new delayed maintenance station capping option
Internal storage limit – There is now a user settable limit on how many jobs the printer will retain in its internal storage to prevent overloading internal memory. The number can be set from 1 to 20.

Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities:
Printer log – The printer now logs all actions and events. The most recent events can be viewed on the printer control panel. The logs can also be exported to an SD card or USB drive
New nozzle check pattern (for MP10i only) – The new pattern will print a rectangle for each half of the print head instead of just one per print head.
Multiple diagnostic features to improve technical support troubleshooting.

User Interface Updates:
New print counter including lifetime and trip counts
Improved submenu organization
Auto advance – If a new print job arrives during a print, the printer will automatically switch to the new job when you are done printing all the copies of the current job.Job preview scrolling – You can now scroll through print jobs located in the samedirectory from the job preview screen.

Please note: This new firmware requires a new installation procedure. Please read the instructions carefully and contact customer support if you have any questions.

Download the latest firmware at