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Follow Up – GodFather of Print – Where are they now?

It’s almost been 2 years now since we last talked about AnaJet owner Christopher Bright and his business Godfather of Print. At the time we last spoke with him, he was still working a full time job from 9 to 5 while managing his direct to garment printing business on the side.




Jumping to the present, Bright now works his business full time, leaving his 9 to 5 job behind by nurturing his customer relationship and utilizing social media to help escalate his business profits

“I was able to successfully pay off my machine in 9 months while working a full time job and recently transitioned to quit my job and focus 100% on printing”

Bright has also managed to move out of his at home operation to a store front retail space. His shop also will be offering other printing services as his business has developed. His Ink & Threads Studio will be opening up October 22nd 2016.