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GK Graphics Testimonial


GK Graphics started business in 1998 offering services in small window and vehicle lettering. Over time, with the help of adding anAnaJet mPower Printer, the business has developed into a combination of vinyl and Apparel development. Co-Owner Kole Bennett runs the shop operations as well as performing installs and graphic design while Galen helps out with the production and sales. They serve the local community of general consumers, civil service organizations, groups, high school and athletic teams. They operate out of a shop on the main street of their town in Byron, Illinois.

In May 2014, GK Graphics added AnaJets mPower mP5i Printer. We made the decision to get into direct to garment after doing heat transfer shirts for years Kole admits, We wanted to provide very detailed and multiple color designs but at the same time keep the cost down for our customers. Choosing the AnaJet mPower was a result of months of research, reading owner testimonials, and talking to people about the process of using a direct to garment machine. They also did a comparison of pros and cons of DTG versus Screen Printing.

Selling apparel items such as t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, etc. have been a great source of products to offer their customers from a price range of $8 to $30. As of late, cozies have become a profitable point for GK Graphics offering it from $1.50 each for large quantities to $3.50 for smaller orders. Since adding the mPower Printer to their shop, 40% to 50% of their business has been direct to garment..

“The AnaJet printer shocked us with the speed at which we are reaching ROI Kole explains. Having the mPower has increased our business tenfold, it has allowed us to get our customers their orders a lot faster without having to wait for sub-contractors and proofs. We love the ability to offer no minimum order, if a customer wants just one – no problem!


GK Graphics future plans to expand involve upgrading their mP5i printer as well as recently adding a AnaJet Sprint printer.

To learn more about our products, email us or call us at 877-626-2538.