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Top 10 Factors For Evaluating DTG Printers


Considering getting yourself a new Direct to Garment (DTG) printer? Regardless of what brand or model you get, shopping around for a DTG printer does require time invested into ensuring you make the right choice. Here’s the top Ten Factors to consider when shopping around, including great questions to ask yourself:

1. Production capacity relative to your needs
Take speed into consideration and ask yourself – How long does it essentially take to print a good batch of brilliant, full-color prints?

2. Ink control
How granular is the ability to control ink drop size? This affects aesthetic quality and finish.

3. Durability of components, especially print heads.

How long do the parts last in normal use, and how costly is it to replace wear items?

4. Degree and frequency of maintenance and downtime.
How much time and effort does it take to clean andmaintain your printer, and are you willing to sacrifice that time?

5. WYSIWG: How faithfully can you reproduce an image?
Do the printer and RIP software deliver on your expectations of high fidelity to the source?

6. Ink consumption and cost per print.
How much ink does it take to print a given type of image? This can determine the pricing strategy.

7. Washability of the finished goods.
How well does ink adhere to the fabric? How does the ink perform in tandem with pre-treatment solution?

8. Availability of tech support.
When are techs available? Live or virtual?

9. Training and learning curve
What tools and seminars are available and how much do they cost? How long does it take to become competent with the machine? Is theretraining provided?

10. Depth of user forums and online community.
Are there other people out there doing what I am doing? Have they been able to solve some of the challenges I am facing? Is there a forum available with useful information?

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