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Award-winning DTG printers. Unmatched support.

Grow your business with Ricoh DTG and DTF printers

Get the best DTG (Direct to Garment) printers, that are capable of DTF (Direct to Film) printing, and print on virtually any apparel with the speed and ease of use to operate profitably. Rest easy, the best support in the industry comes standard.

Ri 4000 photo
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Ideal for mid to high-volume production

Ricoh Ri 4000 Garment Printer

Ricoh Ri 4000 is a game-changing digital garment printer with built-in Enhancer technology which means an end to manual pretreatment. Ri 4000 will complete the pretreatment process for you. Using Ricoh's newly developed ink, you can now print on 100% Polyester with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Ideal for mid to high-volume production

Ricoh Ri 2000 Garment Printer

The Ri 2000 is our fastest, top-of-the-line DTG and DTF printer with ultra-vibrant accurate color, auto table height adjustment, superior versatility, and easy automated maintenance. Perfect for higher garment output, low-cost operation, and high-end prints and durability.

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Ri 1000X photo
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Ideal for mid-volume production

Ricoh Ri 1000X Garment Printer

Faster speeds, enhanced print detail, and better performance: the new Ricoh Ri 1000X, with improved stability platen, provides top-notch performance to achieve the best color brightness while reducing ink consumption. A perfect T-Shirt Printer!

Ideal for mid-volume production

Ricoh Ri 1000 Direct to Garment Printer

The Ri 1000 is the best-in-class DTG printer with blazing fast speed, vibrant accurate color, and built-in maintenance automation. Perfect for fast garment output, low-cost operation, and high-quality prints and durability.

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Ideal for startups, in-house, or on-the-go

Ricoh Ri 100 Direct to Garment Printer

The Ri 100 is the ultimate entry level DTG printer, easy for anyone to print beautiful, long-lasting, comfortable garments. Easily add DTG printing or start a new business — fits on any store counter or is compact enough to take to events.

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Award winning garment printing technology by Ricoh, built for successful apparel businesses

The best professional digital garment printer in its class is now even more affordable. Backed by the world’s leading print technology and a dedicated DTG success team by Ricoh, we make it easy to start a new T-shirt printing business or expand with our Direct to Garment printers, which are also capable of Direct to Film printing.

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Our commitment to customer success

See why so many apparel businesses rely on our DTG/DTF expertise


Hands-on, expert DTG/DTF guidance

Ricoh doesn't just sell DTG printers, we provide you with all the skills and knowledge to operate your DTG business profitably. Visit Ricoh DTG University.


Comprehensive certified Ricoh DTG/DTF training

Ricoh offers comprehensive training which includes ink installation, graphics preparation, printer operation, and maintenance.


Your one-stop DTG/DTF shop to print successfully

Ricoh also sells a full range of inks, cleaning and maintenance supplies, platens, pretreatment and heat presses, all at amazing prices. Visit our DTG store.

Get the superior quality you expect from Ricoh and impress customers with durable, beautifully printed apparel

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Loading the Ri 100 printer

Beautiful, vibrant, and durable printed apparel, in just a few easy steps with Ricoh garment printers

Faster print speeds and garment loading

Print full-color graphics in under 28 seconds on the Ri 1000 and under 10 seconds on the Ri 2000. Combined with our magnetic dressable platens, load garments more quickly and with greater accuracy.

More vibrant colors with superior Ricoh design and inkjet technology

See your designs in beautifully crisp, high-resolution prints, up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, thanks to Ricoh’s high- accuracy dual carriage, auto heigh adjustable tables, 3 pL minimum ink drop size, and dressable platens.

Ultimate apparel versatility lets you print more than shirts

Our quick-change magnetic platens let you print with higher accuracy on wide varieties and sizes of apparel like shirts, hoodies, hats, shoes, and more, up to an extra-large 16” x 19.6”.

Easy-to-use 7" digital touchscreen

A built-in 7” color touchscreen gives you complete control of printer functionality, including storing designs for quick access, auto setting table height, or previewing your design on screen.

Faster processing and control with the latest Colorgate software

Using ColorGate and optional Spark Design software, quickly process design files, customize, and print your designs with more vibrant, accurate colors than ever.

Ricoh DTG/DTF printers help you spend more time on your business and less time on maintenance

Automated monitoring, cleaning and white ink agitation systems

Intelligent auto cleaning, white ink agitation, and continuous monitoring of ink supply and air levels are all automated, greatly reducing maintenance times.

Automatically calculate ink costs and consumption

Using Ricoh’s RIP software, get an accurate measure of the amount of ink required and ink cost per garment, helping you set prices more accurately.

Built-in interactive operation and smart alerts

With our large 7” color touchscreen, the built-in interactive guide send you smart alerts to help you stay on top of routine manual maintenance tasks.

Ri 2000 printer

Dual function DTG + DTF.

Optimize profitability by varying printing operation in direct-to-film mode

Eliminate pretreatment to save time and money

Unlike with direct to garment, DTF transfers don’t require fabric pretreatments, even for white ink.

Reduce your inventory space with preprinted DTF transfers

Because DTF transfers take up little space, it’s easy to store and transfer on demand without over-investing in inventory.

Easily transfer to a wide variety of fabrics and unique areas

With DTF, easily transfer designs to a wider variety of garments and unconventional areas, like polyester, satin, leather, and more. 

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Ri 4000 Garment Printer

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Ri 2000 Garment Printer

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Ri 1000X Garment Printer

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Ri 1000 Garment Printer

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Ri 100 DTG Printer

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