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Avoid an Ink Spill! Read this before moving your machine

Learn how to properly move your RICOH Ri 1000 to avoid ink spills and potential damage to your machine.

If you ever need to move your RICOH Ri 1000 direct-to-garment printer, it is incredibly important to take the necessary precautions to protect your machine. This process is necessary even if you are simply moving the printer from one room to another. If you do not follow the instructions, maneuvering your RICOH Ri 1000 though a standard doorway will result in a messy ink spill and create a risk of damaging the electronics in your printer.

These instructions are also essential if you ever have to ship your printer to an event or other location: RICOH Ri 1000 Shipping Instructions.

The instructions include all of the information you need to move your printer, including how to:

1. Flush ink from your printer and fill your machine with cleaning solution.

2. Empty your left and right ink sumps. This is a crucial step that is sometimes missed. If you don’t empty your ink sumps, ink can spill when you move the machine and create a huge mess. You even risk damaging your printer because the spilled ink can get into — and damage — electrical components inside the machine.

3. Secure your printer for shipping using either shipping foam or the shipping bracket.

4. Properly box up your printer using the foam braces that came with your machine.

These instructions are also included in Section 8.3 of your RICOH Ri 1000 User Manual. Be sure to download the recently updated version of the User Manual here.