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With Ricoh’s deep history of world-class engineering and industry-leading quality construction, combined with Anajet’s pioneering innovations in the direct-to-garment industry, Ricoh DTG printers are widely regarded as the best direct-to-garment printers in the world. Ricoh DTG printers produce gorgeous, retail-quality garments and are easy to use and maintain. See what real Ricoh DTG owners have to say in these DTG testimonials.

DTG Testimonials from RICOH Ri 1000 Users

The RICOH Ri 1000 has won some major awards, including the top industry honor of SGIA 2019 Product of the Year for Direct to Garment Printers (Black Shirts). But what we're most proud of is how our own customers have built successful DTG businesses with their RICOH Ri 1000. Check out what some of them have to say in these DTG testimonials.

Troy and Tonya Ferguson
Honey Bee Print & Apparel

Troy and Tonya achieved so much success with their first RICOH Ri 1000 that they soon added a second machine to their small business. Learn how a leap of faith and teamwork catapulted their family business to financial success in this true story about living the American Dream.

Glenn Adams
Studio 110 LV

Professional artist Glenn Adams from Las Vegas shows how the addition of direct-to-garment printing to his art studio expanded his ability to accommodate customer requests. — and his commitment to shaking his white ink carts

Kari Bennett
The Maples' Tree

In addition to Beth’s contagious enthusiasm and good vibes, we love the story of The Maples’ Tree’s gift store in Gatlinburg, TN. The RICOH Ri 1000 has empowered the local business to offer over 30 different t-shirt designs as part of their top-selling t-shirt line.

Charles & Tauni Orndorff
4A Custom Keepsake

Learn how small business owners Charles and Tauni Orndorff are growing their custom apparel business with the award-winning RICOH Ri 1000 direct-to-garment printer.

DTG Testimonials from RICOH Ri 100 Owners

Named a CES Innovation Award Honoree, the RICOH Ri 100 is the world's first compact, all-in-one direct-to-garment printer designed to offer high quality, reliable garment printing at a low price. See how Ri 100 owners get creative -- and profitable -- with their machines.

Tina Paradiso
Imprintable Solutions

Watch a recent commercial from Imprintable Solutions, a print and promo shop that leverages the portability of the RICOH Ri 100 to print products on-demand at a variety of events like fundraisers, corporate events, and even the NY State Fair.

Kristen Berger
Kite Flying Society

Finding a creative use for her Ri 100 direct-to-garment printer, Kristen gives antique recipes new life by printing them on dish towels. Because DTG allows Kristen to preserve the original vintage look of the recipes, her towels make for wonderfully thoughtful, fully customized gifts.

Jess Cronin
Cronin Co.

After overcoming hardships in her past, Jess found the courage to pursue her true calling as a creative entrepreneur — proving that “If you really want to do something, you have to go out and do it.”

Eric Tobler
Ink Dragon Designs

Eric Tobler of Ink Dragon Designs talks about his custom t-shirt printing work flow. When it comes to printing shirts, the small but mighty RICOH Ri 100 is “a beast.”

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