Onsite Training

A local certified Ricoh trainer will arrive at your facility to help you learn how to load ink, prepare graphics, and operate and maintain your printer

What Is Included in On-Site Installation and Training?

  • 1. Correct operating environment for trouble-free operation.
    2. Leveling the Printer and proper Printer Placement for good print quality.
    3. Loading Garments on the Print Table and Placement of Garment on Print Table in relation to the Graphics program / Print Preview.
    4. Obstruction (laser) Sensor.
    5. Print Head Cleaning, Nozzle Check, Print Nozzle Purge, etc.
    6. Understanding your Printer Settings
    7. The need for Regular Printer Maintenance and Cleaning.
    8. Accessing Maintenance Station / Moving the Carriage off the Maintenance Station.
    9. Cleaning Maintenance Station, Nozzle Plate Edges, etc.
    10. Printer Environment, Humidity and Temperature.
    11. Waste Ink Drain operation.
    12. Control Panel Functions and Navigation.
    13. Proper Black Shirt Pretreatment.
    14. Printing white shirts / printing black shirts.
    15. Proper use of RIP program.
    16. Installing ink cartridges, low ink warnings, replacing ink cartridges.
    17. How to ship the printer. Charge cleaning solution, use original shipping box and pallet.

    It is highly recommended that you review the “Startup of a New Printer” in Chapter 2 of your User Manualor your Quick Installation Guide and follow the unboxing, leveling, and shop setup procedures (humidifier, temperature, heat press, computer, sturdy table, removing retainer brackets, leveling the printer, etc.) prior to onsite installation and training, but leave your first ink startup fill until the onsite technician can walk you through the process.

    Q. How long is the training?

    A. If you are receiving onsite training at your facility, plan to set aside a full day for training you and your staff how to operate and maintain your new printer. The refresher training offered at the Ricoh DTG headquarters location is held at our training facility from 9:00am until 5:00pm (Lunch is provided).

    Q. How much does training cost?

    A. Your sales representative should have sold your on-site installation and training as a line item on your invoice and scheduled your initial onsite installation at the time of sale. If you need to schedule or reschedule your training, contact your sales representative or Ricoh DTG Customer Care. After your initial installation and training has been completed at your facility, users can receive refresher training to supplement (not replace) their training at our headquarters location in Tustin California at no charge. Travel-related expenses are the responsibility of the user.

    Q. How many people can I bring with me to be trained, if attending the refresher training in Tustin, California?

    A. You may bring yourself plus 2 guests for a total of three people attending.

    Q.Can you tell me which airport and hotels are close to the Tustin facility?

    A. Ricoh DTG is located in Orange County, California approximately halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA) is the closest airport and there are two hotels within walking distance and other accommodations within a short drive away. Google Maps can give you more details about nearby accommodations.

    Q. Do I have to follow the Startup of a New Printerprocess (unboxing, leveling, humidifier, heat press, power, table, etc.) before the onsite technician arrives or can I just leave the printer in the box until the onsite technician arrives?

    A. In order to maximize the time needed to finish installing your new printer and to allow time for user training (see what is included in training above), it is highly recommended that you have completed the pre-install process outlined in your Quick Installation Guide or in Chapter 2 of your User Manual (the user manual can be downloaded from ricohdtg.com/downloads) prior to the arrival of the technician. IMPORTANT: After unboxing and setting up your printer, contact Ricoh DTG Customer Care to schedule your onsite technician to finish the installation. Please wait for the technician before filling the new printer with ink.

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