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Now direct-to-polyester.

RICOH Ri 4000 DTG printer is the ultimate in speed + efficiency.

No manual pretreatment is needed

Built to deliver unmatched productivity, the Ri 4000 brings longer-lasting, newly formulated inks, automatic Enhancer technology, and support for 100% polyester and DTF.

Includes everything you need to print right out of the box

Our Ri 4000 DTG printer bundle comes with everything you need to print beautifully vibrant and durable garments, and some bonus accessories to expand your operations.

Incredibly easy to use and maintain

Maintenance functions such as intelligent auto clean, white ink agitation, and continuous monitoring of ink supply and air levels are all automated

Financing is available

Apply to qualify for low monthly payments, with 0% APR, $0 down, and up to 6 months deferred. Speak to our Ricoh DTG experts to get more bonuses.

See the Ri 4000 in action
Unlock new business opportunities

The versatile DTG printer for quicker ROI and higher productivity


Engineered for faster ROI

From built-in pretreatment, and newly formulated inks, to automated maintenance, streamline your workflow, save costs on all consumables, and optimize your inventory.


Higher productivity

Get from design to print in record time. Print full-color graphics in under 92 seconds, which includes automatic pretreatment, saving you significant time with less manual errors.


One-stop DTG shop

Whether you're new to DTG or an expert, get dedicated support, onsite training, and any accessories you need like platens, pretreatment, and heat presses to start selling quickly.

Game-changing versatility, and efficiency for high-performing garment businesses

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    Prints on 100% polyester, in any color

    Thanks to our latest DTG printer technology and ink formulas, expand business with printed polyester garments and meet growing demand for sportswear and other polyester fabrics with higher quality and lower costs than ever.

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    Built-in Enhancer cuts manual labor

    Say goodbye to manual pretreatment. Ri 4000 automatically pretreats the print area by discharging the Ricoh enhancer liquid with its inkjet heads on the garment. Print in less time, less error, less operator training, and no secondary equipment.

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    Greatly improved savings on inks and consumables

    Save on ink costs with our newly developed ink formulations. Since the built-in enhancer only applies the pretreatment liquid to the print area and not the whole surface, the Ri 4000 uses much less pretreatment liquid than other printers. Get longer-lasting prints with superior color performance.

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    Improved automatic maintenance system

    Save time with more efficient maintenance procedures. With our automated maintenance systems and advanced monitoring technology, the Ri 4000 reduces manual upkeep and stays in an active, walk-up ready state.

Everything you need to get started in the box

Backed by the world’s leading print technology and a dedicated DTG success team by RICOH, we make it easy to get started with DTG printing.

RICOH Ri 4000 DTG Printer with 1-year Warranty
1 Medium Size Shirt Platen
Full CMYK + 2 White Ink Cartridge Set
Enhancer Cartridge Set
Ri4000-Enhancer Cleaning cartridge
Cleaning Cartridge Set
Maintenance Supply Kit
ColorGate Software Access

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